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  Professional riders from the Siemens - Mobile Wave Tour:
Bill Bryan, USA - Skimboarder
From: Laguna Beach, California
6-time World Champion Skimboarder, professional Snowboarder and Surfer. Crossover King and winner of the Swatch Wave Pro contest in Munich & Long Beach
Christian Fletcher, USA - Surfer
From: San Clemente, California
Tony Hawk, USA - Skateboarder
From: Carlsbad, California
10 time World Champion Skateboarder, X-Games Gold medal winner. Ranks number one in the world. Tony has been a champion for three generations of skateboarders and there is no sign of him slowing down. He recently nailed the world's first 900 on a skateboard and regularly pulls back flips on the Wave Loch.
Rob Machado, USA - Surfer
From: Cardiff, California
Rob is ranked No.2 Surfer in the world and is a member of legendary band 'The Surfers'.
Terje Haakonsen, NOR - Snowboarder
From: Hemsedal, Norway
3-time World Champion Halfpipe Snowboarder, and voted snowboarder of the year several times. Terje placed 2nd in the Swatch Wave Pro contest in Florence, 1999 September 17
Chris Miller, USA - Skateboarder
From: San Diego, California
Legendary Skateboarder, Founder of Planet Earth Clothing. Chris won the Swatch Pro Wave Contest in Florence, 1999 September 17
Brian Talma, BARBADOS - WindSurfer
From: Christchurch, Barbados
The sunny boy of the Windsurf Tour, placed 2nd in the Hawaii Bash 1996. In 1989 Brian represented his homeland, Barbados, at the Seoul, Korea Olympics,
Reto Lamm, CH - Snowboarder
From: Pontresina, Switzerland
Snowboarder from the very beginning. Competes in Freestyle contest, winner of several World Series titles and movie actor in Fire & Ice
Andy Macdonald, US - Skateboarder
Originally from Boston now resides in San Diego, California
Andy is scratching at the back of Tony Hawk for a World Title. Gold medals at the X-games and numerous first place wins puts him at the top of his profession. A media favorite.
Steve Klassen, US - Snowboarder
From: Mammouth Lakes, California
Steve is three time Champion at the Verbier Extreme (96,97,99), as well as winner of King of the Hill in Alaska. He is owner of "Wave Rave" snowboard shop in Mammouth Lakes / CA.
Conan Hayes, US - Surfer
From: Hawaii
Voted most " improved surfer " in the 1996 WCT rankings. He's the one who acted in the " Downtown Surfer " Swatch commercial, Currently No 10 in the World Pro-Tour. "
Jason Prior, CAN - Surfer
From: Maui Hawaii
Asking Jason for his best results, his answer is "opening my wings and learning to fly...and falling and getting back up again and again and again and again ...." He placed 2nd in the Pistol River Wave Bash 1997""
Rush Randle, USA - Surfer
From: Hawaii
Being an excellent windsurfer he competes in contests all over the world. Kite surfing is another one of his many talents. The surfing he's most noted for is strap surfing. Rush and his friends tow each other into waves that are too big to paddle into (30 to 50 foot waves).
Peter King, USA - Surfer
From: La Jolla, California
Peter is multitalented surfer. He acted as MTV Host, ESPN, announcer, comedian and is also a member of 'The Surfers' (Epic recording act).

Amateur Profiles:
United States:
Corey Aaron
Bryan Albrecht
Jennifer Amen
Tristan Ammons
Cody Appling
Justin Bading
Hayley Balderrama
Pat Bailey
Josh Bauman
Angela Bazan
Vanessa Bazan
Jeremy Behrhorst
Chuck Beverly
Chris Blume
Jason Browne
Christopher Bumsqwuigee
Mike Busse
Thomas Campbell
Nick Cortez
Tyler Danek
Shayne Denton
Nick D'Agostini
Warren Digney
Chad Estes
Josh Evilsizor
Jason Fath
Matt Fath
Matt Fenstermacher
Deana Fiene
Clayton Gallagher
Ben Garrett
Cody Hankins
Scott Harmon
Alisabeth Hearron
Seth Hearron
Todd Hollars
Ryan Huffman
Sean Huntress
Dave Kalonick
Dieter Kubli
Matt Laman
Evan Lee
David Leppert
Stephen Manuel
Tara Martin
Gilbert Martinez
Sean McEwen
Reed Meyer
Ross Myers
Nick Nguyen
Blake Phillps
Matt Reynolds
Bo Rogers
Jack Rowland
Tim Salvador
Donnie Sanders
Dale Sanford
Michael Sanguinetti
Samantha Schmidt
Kurt Sheldon
Ericca Siani
Adam Simpson
Jeremy Smith
Andrew Stang
Sean Stewart
Eric Thomas
Will Tschetter
Branden Vidaurri
Fionan Wallace
Seanog Wallace
Jarod Wills
Ron Zambarrano

International: Bouffard
Mathias Rasch-Halvorsen

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