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2000 Dubai Wave Tour Dubai 2000 Swatch Siemens Wave Tour
pros at Wave House Pro bodyboarders and special guests at Wave House

Jay Reale, Manny Vargas and more take on the Bruticus Maximus at Wave House and show some epic riding.
Dawn Patrol Fox 19 Dawn Patrol

6:50 am August 1, 2000 Fox 19 highlights the Flow Rider® and the riders getting ready for their regional competition.
31 Bill Bryan Long Beach Mobile Wave Tour

The third event in the Swatch - Wave Loch Tour in California, Feburary 3-6, 2000.
11 Kurt Sheldon 1999 Amateur Summer Nationals

These photos were taken at the 1999 Flow Rider® Summer Series National Championship at Paramount's Kings Island.
DK 2000 Pre Season Board Test

PKI locals Dave and Josh put the new Standing Wave boards through the paces in a pre-season flow-fest.
Arches Wave House Construction

Follow along with the 2000 Wave House construction and see the dream come together. Initially opened in August in Mission Beach, San Diego, California then disassembled and sent back on tour.
99 Summer Nationals Award pictures from the 1999 Summer Nationals held at Paramount's Kings Island
Eric Thomas Eric Thomas carves at Water Mania's Beach Break in Florida.
Ron Z Rider profiles

The following riders have photos in their profiles, check 'em out: Justin Bading, Hayley Balderrama, Pat Bailey, Josh Bauman, Chris Blume, Jason Browne, Thomas Campbell, Tyler Danek, Chad Estes, Josh Evilsizor, Matt Fath, Matt Fenstermacher, Deana Fiene, Ben Garrett, Cody Hankins, Scott Harmon, Alisabeth Hearron, Ryan Huffman, Sean Huntress, David Kalonick, Jack Rowland, Tim Salvador, Dale Sanford, Kurt Sheldon, Ericca Siani, Eric Thomas, Will Tschetter, Fionan Wallace, Seanog Wallace, Ron Zambarrano
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