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  "It's a body boarder's dream." says Jay Reale, ESPN Commentator and Professional Bodyboarder. "What we have here is the closest thing to a perfect ocean wave that you can possibly get."

"It's incredible." raves Mike Stewart, 8-time World Bodyboarding Champion. "It emulates a perfect six foot wave that you can ride anytime."

Cadu Villela, Director of the International Surfing Association sees the sport of Flowboarding as the best thing to hit the surfing scene in recent years. "There's no doubt, it is the future. All surfers will try it. It will break the inland barrier, allowing wave riding to go anywhere."

So what is flowboarding anyway? Basically, it is the sport of bodyboarding done on an artificially created, perfectly formed, continuous faux wave: No drop-ins, no pollution, no paddle out, no sharks. Just good 'ole fashion wave bashin'! The continuous wave allows boarders to link move after move, creating the opportunity to stream numerous maneuvers and opening up whole new worlds of creative expression. ESPN has recognized the popular appeal of flowboarding, and featured it in the 1998 Summer X Games.

The sport of flowboarding exists because of WAVE LOCH. Tom Lochtefeld, a life-long surfer and CEO of WAVELOCH, invented the Flow Rider, a masterful mass of machinery, pumps and pipes responsible for creating the non-stop wave action. The motivation for inventing such a contraption is apparent: ride waves anytime, anywhere! The Flow Rider's ability to realistically mimic ocean waves in a stationary setting earned the machine appearances in "Escape from L.A." (Kurt Russell and Peter Fonda shoot some gnarly curls in Paramount Pictures blockbuster movie) and in a music video for Midnight Oil.

Want to ride but don't know where to find a Flow Rider®? Visit the master list and find a park near you, anywhere in the world!

Read about the 2000 Mobile Wave Tour "It looks like a wave but rides like a mountain. It's half surfing, half snowboarding, with tricks derived from skateboarding." - Wave Loch founder Tom Lochtefeld

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